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Eagerly waiting for Spring 2018. The art is beautiful (gods I love the colours) and the characters sound super cute and lovely <3 

MAN im so in love with the demo omg - the art's gorgeous, and the character designs and writing is so engaging and cute!!!! and the idea of the stars is really clever; can't wait for spring 18, the game looks so good so far!! 

This seems like so much fun so far! All the characters are really cute. The scenes with Bomb were really funny and I enjoyed the friendship between Eddie and Davis. It was also just really fun to get these tiny conversations with people and sorta build up the details about them over the course of replaying it.

All of the art is adorable, and I LOVE the design and color scheme for the interface. All the purple with the little yellow stars and moons just look so fun and magical.

Looking forward to this very much!


It was a lot of fun, funny, cute and just perfect!! I really loved the whole thing! Both of u made an amazing job with this game!! Can't wait for the whole thing to be released, such a long way to go but the wait will be worth it!! Thank you soo much for making this game!! TwT <33

Aw, this is such a sweet reply, I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed it — and thank you so much for taking the time to play it and leave a comment! ❤ I hope that this time next year, you're having just as much of a blast with the full dating sim as you did with this demo!

is the full version out? you know with the R18 <.< >.>

Nope, not yet! It'll be out in Spring 2018. ❤

OMGOSH!!! I REAlly enjoyed playing!!! Thank you so much for letting me play it!!!!! ♡

I Can't Wait for the full release!!!!!!

This is so absolutely adorable, thank you so much for playing it (and for the thumbnail art, wow, deeply relatable)! I'm excited to see what you think of the full release next year! ❤

I enjoyed this one! Looking forward to seeing the full game when it's done ^^

Made a let's play of the demo. Hope it helps!

Thanks so much for playing and making a video out of it! ❤ Hope you enjoy the full version, too!

I really enjoyed the demo! I recorded some gameplay of it so I thought I'd share it here, although admitedly, my video probably doesn't begin to scratch the surface of the game. (Best to play it for yourself.) The art style is absolutely fantastic, the characters and backgrounds are incredibly well done. I'm really looking forward to the full release so I can learn every little thing about these wonderful characters you created. Good luck with the rest of the development for the game!

Wow, thanks so much for the playthrough video! ❤ Your video was a whole lot of fun to watch, I hope you enjoy the rest of the demo and the full dating sim when it's out next year!

Aaaah! I just finised playing the demo, and oh god it was GREAT!

Everything is sooo cool and pretty - the art style, the characters, the music...

I love BL games, so I'm always excited when a new one comes out, and it's even greater when it has an interesting and unique concept, like here. I'm also happy to see the full version will have a R-18 version. I'm not that much into adult content, but I like to see it sometimes, and I think it'll be great in this game thanks to how the characters are and look like.

So yeah, onto the characters... I LOVE them. All of the romance options range from "oh, really interesting" to "uncoherent squealing" in my heart haha! The non-romance characters are very cool too. Gladys is amazing! She really gets you into the story.

Who is my favorite? It has to be Louis. You know, the first time I've seen him, it was on a third round, and Eddie was like - omg he's sooo my type. And I was thinking the exact same thing haha! And not only he's absurdly gorgeous, but I love him as a character too. And his bonus scene hit me so hard in the feels oh dear!

Now, I must say I also really love "some guy" - man, he needs a route too, I'd love to see him as a secret character or whatever!

By the way, I really like the bonus scenes too! Not only you can see the routes will be varied tone-wise, but it's also nice for the scenes to really exist in the story as dreams. And the characters look great! I love the human art in the game, but man the anthros... I'm in love too! It's nice to see artists who can do great in both humans and animals or anthros!

Now, I must say I did dislike ONE thing in the demo. One single thing... The fact Eddie doesn't like the new Beauty and the Beast! Haha, sorry, I had to point it out as I love it beyond reason!

So yeah, basically, no serious complaints! Congrats on the awesome game! And thank you for it!

Now, the difficult wait for the full version shall begin...

I'm thrilled to hear that you enjoyed it, thank you so much for your detailed feedback on the demo — it really means a lot! (I'll pass on the good word about the art to DCS, who I know will appreciate it, too.)

It's wonderful to hear specifically that you enjoyed the non-romanceable characters, too, because I'm personally just as attached to them as the guys you can date, haha. There's no proper route for poor Some Guy in this game, unfortunately... But I definitely want to use him in something in the future! He'll have his chance to shine here and elsewhere, don't worry.

Thanks again for the thoughtful words! And sorry that Eddie doesn't see what you see in the new Beast, hahaha!

Oh GOSH!! I love the art style!!! So pretty!!! (☆▽☆)

would it be okay if i did an recording of this?? (I'm still fairly new on youtube, i post mostly art haha)

That gorgeous art is all thanks to DCS, whose other work on other visual novels and comics you should definitely check out on their own! (They've done some fun stuff!)

And you're more than welcome to record yourself playing this, of course!! If you wouldn't mind, if/when you do, I'd love a link to it to see what you thought while playing?

OMGosh! Yes I'll definitely check them out! and thanks! I'll totally link you when I do post the video up! :D

Hey hey! I'm the artist and I'm always lurking around these comments and wanted to say, THANK YOU!!! <3

I love this demo SO. MUCH. It just kept getting better with every playthrough! I definitely laughed out loud multiple times, and the bonus conversations were ADORABLE! This game has so much going for it: lovely, colorful, appealing art; genuine, interesting (and hot!) characters; hints that the story may become sadder/darker/more complex; and finally, great music!

It's nearly impossible to pick a favorite character, but I did especially love Gladys, Davis, Bomb, and Cindy.

...And Louis. And Cornelius. ...And Marco.

(See what I mean?)


Thanks so much, I'm really glad to hear that you enjoyed and that you loved all the characters! I hope you enjoy the full version when it comes out early next year. ❤

This game is pretty cool and I like the bounes part! I can't wait to see this game fully finished!

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed, I hope you like the full game when it comes out!

This was a lot of fun! I really liked this way of being introduced to the characters and learning small tidbits about them in each section.

Wouldn't mind doing something like that in RL either I think.

I had a bug in the demo where after I met Marco during the second round the game just shunted me to "thanks for playing" and the start menu instead of letting me pick a partner for the third round. I think I talked to Jolene in the first round that time, but I'm not certain.

Otherwise everything worked fine, and I had a fun time balancing the meet-ups to be able to talk to everyone and unlock all the stars. Only thing I will say is that I wish the ending teasers had a bit more about Eddie too, and not just the potential dates.

Definitely picking this up on release. :)

Hey, thanks so much for playing! And thanks for letting me know about the bug with Marco's second conversation -- oddly, neither I or any of my beta testers ran into a bug quite like that, and there's nothing in the code that would cause that to happen easily, so it seems like something that got exported incorrectly. Yikes! Good to know about!

I'm glad you enjoyed learning about the other characters and that the format worked for you. Speed friending seemed like a good way to introduce the near-full cast of characters, so it's great to hear that it was fun to play through, too! (And don't worry, there's plenty of Eddie in the full game! Too much Eddie, maybe? A whooooole lot of Eddie.)

So excited to have the demo and even more excited to work towards the eventual finished game! <3 Thanks for all your hard work!

You too, DCS! Couldn't have done it without you!