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love this game!!!


This game was so so so adorable and overall amazing, I wish there was more to it because the characters are just absolutely amazing and im genuinely invested in this 😭 its so so so damn cute I cant express it enough


this is stolen, the original creator is


Don't worry it's not stolen, looks like this was a collab between Arcade Party and DC, ultimately posted on Arcade Party's page.


ohhh i see, now i feel kinda dumb, but, thanks


Yep! Itchio isn't great about showing it, but it's under BOTH of our profiles. (That's why it shows up on mine.) But Arcade Party has been a ghost for years and the game is stuck under their profile ^^; This is the official listing regardless, not stolen at all.


I had a lovely time playing this! 😁 Such a nice cute game, and straight to the point and fills its time quite nicely




what are the content tags for the R18 scenes?

Tentacles, plant sex, oral sex. Nothing you wouldn't expect from looking at the cover and nothing very intense.




my jaw dropped bro, Yarrow betta move out the way no way just one man can handle that much cake


was one of your games removed from itch? i think its the one in some stores and in the store you could talk to people to make connections. was only in demo phase if it rings a bell?


Hi! Arcade Party isn't active on Itchio anymore, but I (the person who drew this game and helped with a bunch of their games) is!

From my understanding, none of AP's games have been removed from Itchio. The archive is in tact. Was it maybe this you were thinking of?

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yessss, i remember playing it a long time ago. i always would think about it randomly even though i had forgotten the name lol. was very excited for the updates pretty sad its dropped, but thank you for linking me back to a old memory <3! 

edit: omg- i was literally on the right page so dumb this is embarrassing 


LOL, you're good! Yeah uh, truth be told, a ton of that game got finished and then the writer basically just ghosted me. But hey, if you like the vibe of Yarrow Valleyand AWOO, I highly recommend my own work since I was involved closely with Yarrow Valley and Tomai in terms of concept and writing-- and I'm very active in releasing new games *and* comics, so please do click on my profile and take a peek if you like the vibes here and there. ✌

I loved playing this game. I didn't expect the story at all 👀 Looking forward to the next one.


Hi! Thanks for the video! The writer for this game (Arcade Party) isn't active anymore, but the artist (hey, that's me!) is!

So, if you want more games (or comics)I work on and release them pretty consistently over on my own page! I hope you'll consider checking some out cuz your video was fun!!! :)

Oh, dear!! So cuteeee~ <3<3<3

I can help us to translate, if you like, to Spanish. Your work is precious, and the detail to add a mobile ver was... uff <3

This game is already in Spanish!

Unless you want to help with another game?

omgh! jajajaja sorry. Although, I'm glad if u let me collaborate <3<3

Sure! If you wanna translate my work, contact me at and let me know what game or comic you're interested in working on! Thanks! ^^


Penis flower <3

I love it. Thank you!


This was absolutely adorable and so romantic at the same time. I love how you even put situations that could actually happen in real life. <333


ya shure there both male,..


Yep, I'm sure! Please don't be a shithead, lol.


i love this game soooo muchh!!! <3 so adorable <3 i love yarrow and havi sm!!! tysm for this beautiful history! <3

how do i open the game? it keeps taking me to this file like thing but im not sure what to press

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You need to unzip the file! This is usually done by right-clicking the selecting "Extract Here" from there, a folder should appear and the game is inside, listed as an application and has an icon.
(Sorry I didn't see this sooner, I didn't get a notification)

oughguhuguguhguhg <3 I like game

I can´t play it, my computer says that I don´t have access to it :(

What can I do? 

Are you playing on PC or Mac?


you have the audacity to not have the tag line "in space no one can hear you cream" and you blew it. i am reporting you to the anti defamation league.


Haha, sorry!


I loved this a lot and hope to see more like it soon!


I loved it I thought I recognized your art style but I just couldn't figure it out but then I remembered you made the naga serie, overall this game is both cute and erotic and I love it


Thanks! Always happy to hear when people check out multiple of my works <3


 This was so good I loved it! They are my new OTP!!

Thank you! I'm glad to hear that! ;)


I am currently on a quest for cool and positive erotic games, and this one is gold. I really, really love it. The characters are cute and deep. Their love feels true and relatable. The art is really nice, and Havi’s butt ever nicer. Congrats on making this game! <3


Thank you! If you're looking for positive erotic games, may I recommend my game, Tomai? It's the same team as this game (me and Arcade Party) and is super sexy and light hearted. Also, it's free so you can't really go wrong there. My comics have a similar vibe as well, which are also available on my account for free. Happy reading and happy hunting!


This game was very cute. I loved the art style and the characters.

Thank you!


This is so cute! The characters are both very interesting, and there was a neat feeling of 'scale' almost, with a lot left unexplained. Which was good! The polish and art was amazing as well. Loved it!

Thank you! I really enjoy leaving some stuff out in stories, so I'm glad that was something you sensed! :)

very cute! I loved the characters and their insecurities were very believable and relatable, plus they were just very very endearing. Thanks a lot for such a fun little game!



this game look good , but I wanted to know if there is a way to delete the text typing sound without lower the sound in the option 

because if I lower the sound in the option their is other important sound that are lowered 

this sound always give me headache , I always find a way to delete it in the games I play, but I've never do it in renpy 

I know renpy a little , so if you can just tell me the code line and the file to  edit

thank you :)

Hi there! There's no way to delete it but the "sound" option so I would suggest just lowering that for now.

I could have sworn we coded it to have it be connected to the "voice" option slider, but I may be getting confused with other games of mine.

Still, you're not missing out on any other "important" sounds-- the only other sounds in the game are the sound effects at the beginning of the game and nothing else. After a certain point, all you have is music!

Also, sorry I didn't reply to this sooner-- I don't get notifications for this game right now.


Hiya~Just wanted to say i recently finished playing this game and utterly adored it. The characters are so sweet, the art is stunning, you guys should be super proud of yourselves. Thank you for making such a wonder VN <3

Hey, thanks a ton! I'm so glad to hear you liked it!! <3

I've just played the game and, same as with Tomai and AWOO, it left me with a silly smile on my face! I just love the feeling of positivity of your games, where love and friendship are always deeply linked, highlighted by the bright colors and the soft, rounded lines of your art. Your sex scenes are also always joyful and pure, a delight to read!

I'm looking forward to the final version of AWOO, and to everything else you two will deliver in the future!

Thank you so much! Both I (DCS, the artist) and Arcade Party (the writer) are always really happy to read comments like this-- because so much of that stuff is really important to us! And I know I'm personally very flattered that you've played not only this game-- but Tomai and AWOO too! Ah, it's so awesome to hear!

Thanks a ton for taking the time to leave us this awesome comment, it does the heart good! <3

Sorry if this is spam but has no way of sending PMs. :(

I'm from Soulsoft Electronic arts. ( ) Sooo I'm thinking about hosting a Game Jam on My idea is a bara game jam which I'll call "BARA JAM", and I'm trying to see how much interest there would be in such a jam, and if it would be worth hosting. Would this be something you'd be up to participate in or even co-host?

I'm thinking about having it in October and lasting 1 month.

I made a thread on LSF with more details here:

I'm really trying to see if this is a viable jam that people would even want. I hope so! I'll obviously be submitting an entry as well. =) you can email me here

Thanks a ton for letting us know-- unfortunately I'm (DCS) way too busy to help host a jam-- let alone be in another jam so soon! @_@ But I think Arcade Party MIGHT be interested in helping out hosting-- so they will contact you separately via e-mail once they decide.

We'll keep this comment up so other people who might be interested can see-- but for now both Arcade Party and I have to simply say; good luck with everything!

Hi DCS! No of course, no problem, I'm just glad you heard me out and passed the message along to your partner Arcade Party. 

Honestly, it may not even be in October as it depends on interest, but also a friend mentioned that BaraJam's proposed duration would overlap YuriJam. And although my spidey-senses say that those wanting to participate in YuriJam wouldn't probably not participate in BaraJam anyways, I could be wrong and YuriJam IS still one of the BIG ones. 

In anycase, I appreciate you leaving this up and if you just help spread that word, that's all I could ask for. ^_^ Thanks! 

I would actually be someone who would participate in Yurijam over Barajam;; So whomever gave you that warning was right! (Here's the game I helped make for last year's Yurijam by the way.) November would probably be your best best imo, otherwise sometime in 2019?

Good luck with everything!

Hi DCS, so a bunch of other VN creators have reached out stating that they would be more inclined to participate should BaraJam be in Nov. So I think it's safe to announce that I'll be hosting BaraJam to begin Nov.1st instead. 

Also I didn't know you participating in YuriJam as well! Your style is very much your own and could never be mistakened for anyone elses. It looks like a wonderful submission ^_^

Sounds awesome! 💖 I still don't think I'll have time to participate (Oct--Dec is very busy for me) but I'm excited to see what people make!


Absolutely loved this small package of a game! I was really wowed by the effort and polish that went into a game made in such a short time frame, from the colorful artwork to animations and even little floating particles in the background. It was absolutely sweet and I really enjoyed the ending. It's hard to describe what about the visuals was so nice, but I liked how each scene filled the whole screen so well. It's really incredible what the team did with RenPy  congrats! 

Hi hi! Thanks a ton for your comment; we're both really glad to hear you liked the game so much! This game was super fun to work and I know that (the artist) just had such a fun time getting creative with the visuals within a time frame-- seeing what I could get away with, hehe.

So thank you again for playing and for your wonderful comment!

I really liked the art style in this one. The backgrounds, the sprites, the animations...really elaborate and well done! The music was also pretty fitting.

A PG-13 option would have been nice, although I can understand that it just wasn't possible within the timeframe of the jam.

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Thanks so much for your comment, and we're glad you liked the game! :D

Lots of our other games have PG-13 options; so I would highly recommend checking those out as well-- particularly the great demo for AWOO, and Tomai which was our submission to this jam last year! <3

Thanks again!!!

I want an part 2

Well-- we left the game opened ended just in case; but unfortunately Arcade Party (the writer) is going on a hiatus soon so I don't suspect we'll be in a place to make a sequel anytime soon.

If you like Yarrow Valley, I highly suggest you check out Tomai, which was our submission to Yaoijam 2017. (I would also recommend just about any other game in either of our catalogues as well!)

We're glad you love Yarrow so much though!

Loved this game! Short and sweet!

I was so glad to see how Havi and Yarrow were able to communicate their worries and be able to understand the other more. And of course the art is lovely as always!!

Another great game from ArcadeParty!!!

Thank you very much!!! We're both really excited you liked it~ <3

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Hi ArcadeParty,

Just wanted to pop by and say I was really impressed by Yarrow Valley. It was a short BxB VN with the right amount of sex and sweetness. Although I don't think there was the tension/drama of *not* being able to end up with Havi, it was adorable and I was just glad no matter what choices you made, it ALWAYS worked out. (if only life was the same way right? lol)

Also, I have to say, the art and attention to detail...WOW. Like from the multicolored particles floating subtly, to the animations and even distinct artistic choices that make Yarrow Valley's aesthetic uniquely it's own (like the pure black monolithic forms, set behind rainbow flower fields all infront of multicolored stars...! geez). 

So polished, so refined. Glad we were both part of the same jam!

Hey there! I'm the artist, DCS, hi! (I worked on this game with Arcade Party, I drew the whole thing and helped with coding, story, etc, and I'm usually the one to reply to comments for us!)

We're both very happy to hear you liked the game! The particle affects were something I had a ton of fun with and I just wanted to use them everywhere since I figured hey, alien planet is the perfect setting to finally use this awesome Ren'py feature!

Thanks a ton for playing and thanks a ton for your awesome comment! We really appreciate it!

Minty plant much?


Cool game!

Thank you!

The music and art... and really just the general aesthetic of this game is absolutely phenomenal! Love Havi in particular he is such a sweetheart.

Thank you, we really appreciate hearing that and we're glad you enjoyed! :D

Havi is a wonderful guy, one day I wanna be as relaxed as him. <3

just played the whole game, and even if it was short and honestly unexcepted, it adored the whole thing!! The two are sooo fluffy and loving as a couple~ The sec scenes were just amazing!! I love the scenarios and backgrounds and the music fitted so well too!! Once again both of you out did yourselfves and it was amazing!! more than happy to keep playing all your future games!! Thank you so much for providing such amazing content each and everything for us!!! Keep up the good work and more than happy to see more content of this two wonderful boys!! *w* <3333

Thank you so much! We're both excited to hear you liked the game so much-- we're really proud to have released this game and thank you for all of your support~ <33