AWOO Character Poll!

> Link to the character poll! <

Just a quick devlog to say there's a week-long poll running with the AWOO love interests for, uh, reasons over on Twitter right now! Davis isn't part of it (again, for reasons!) but if you've got a favorite guy out of the other four, we'd super appreciate knowing who. ✩ 

Thanks, everyone!

Get A Werewolf Opportunity, Obviously [HIATUS, DEMO]


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Will there be an update to the demo anytime soon or is there just gonna be this demo and then a full game release?

There will be an update on the status of AWOO hopefully soon; but it will unfortunately be neither of those things. I'm very sorry!

It's cool. I'm surprisingly patient

I'm so glad this is still alive! :3


We work on it pretty consistently-- actually!

Both our Patreons (Ivan's and Mine) have updates and exclusive pictures for this project quite a bit!

This project is just really big-- so it's hard to get stuff done fast for it. But! We're hoping to have a solution to this soon-- so keep your eyes peeled, we'll be needing all the support we can get! <3


I just voted now

Thanks so much, we appreciate it! ❤


Can't wait to see who everyone's favorite is~

Likewise!  👀